Youth, Let’s Shape Meru Politics


It’s a year to elections! Yaay or nay? Do elections excite you? Do they make you think, yaay, it’s time to change the leadership of my ward, constituency, county and country? Or do you just not care, because, after all, they are all the same and I would rather watch a movie on the election day than waste my energy in a queue?

The mood is reaching its climax, politicians have been on a perennial campaign since Day 1. By now, you know most of the contenders, and you plan to vote for someone based on a myriad of reasons: they are my family, they come from my area, we went to school together, they are young or experienced, or because I want them to return the favour, or whatever.

You have evaluated all of them based on these. And you know where you want to stand.

But do you know what benefits your actions will have on your fellow youth, on the community? Do you know how they will change the status of the road that leads to your village? Do you know how many poor young will pursue education? Do you know how many jobs will be created? Do you know how much money will be misappropriated? Do you know how many will die?

How will you evaluate your options, dear Amerucan?

See, you are young, if you will be reading this community blog. And what you do decides where we go from here.

This blog will not make the decision for you… this blog will look at every person objectively, and we will all decide what to do… individually and collectively.

We will showcase the things we want changed in our county. The roads we want made. The joblessness we face as youth. The bursary situations. We will point the good, the bad and the ugly. We will give politicians a platform to express their manifesto for us.

This blog will not be affiliated with any political orientation. It’s a forum for the youth. And you are all invited to write and contribute. Tell us what you want us to talk about, and we will. Or better yet,write the story yourself and we will post it in YOUR name.

Let’s decide WHAT we want. WHO we want, and HOW we want our country, county, constituency and ward to be!

Contact: uga@ameru.co.ke

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