Word Wednesday

Have you ever felt like you are always spelling Kimeru words wrongs? You are always doubting yourself whenever you are spelling something out. Sometimes you give up but when you need to write things you just go with it.Yes? We also have wondered if we have spelt words wrong on occasion. In that quest, we stumbled upon a Kimeru – English dictionary by one Mwalimu D.K Mboroki and life has never felt sweeter. His, is the first comprehensive Kimeru dictionary.

As we indulge in this knowledge we thought it would be a fantastic idea to learn with you. Hence we have introduced Word Wednesday. Exciting right?

Let’s get to it:

  1. Kuruka  – More than.
  2. Îrinda – women’s dress or to soak/dip. The plural of women’s dress is Marinda
  3. Ngira – One of the Meru clan.

Remember us this article about writing Kimeru like a pro? Well true to form we don’t have F,Q,V,X and Z in Kimeru.

Are three words too few do you want us to be doing more words? How many?

Have a Wordy Wednesday!

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