Word Wednesday

We kicked of learning Kimeru two weeks ago, we skipped a week without even an apology but we will do better going forth.  Today we have more words:

  1. Mûka – woman, female, wife. You will hear women in Kimeru referred to as Muntu muka. This word has been controversial with some people saying it sounds like a cuss word. Is it so for you?
  2. Mûjûkania – Bridegroom. I would think this is very straight forward.
  3. Muindi – a) A person of Indian descent. b) A forest tree about twenty feet high, with white fragrant flowers. Its wood is soft and used as fuel.

P.S Do you have suggestions on how better we can do this? We are thinking of a fun way to do these posts and we will really appreciate any input you may have.

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