The People

Who are we?


You know how you used to hear from Thuci to Ntonyiri? They still say that on radio right? That was way before Meru and Tharaka Nithi were divided into different counties. The constitution might have divided it but Meru as we know it is still one. We are one people.

We are at the peak of the Olympic season. I can’t help but wonder what are our people known for? Every time a Kip someone takes on the world I look around. What are my baite people known for? Where did we come from? What are our stories? What is the story of a mama mboga in Meru?

We love peace, we love our Miraa and we work hard. What else are we known for?  Do you also think about it? Have you ever wondered why we are all known for our temper yet you don’t have one? Keep it here.

We are here to breakdown all the stereotypes. To tell you what you can achieve because someone else already has.

Do you want to tell your story? Do you have someone in mind we can feature?

Talk to us at uga@ameru.coke

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