Are you a Mukunga or a Murutu?

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“Twaari gintu kimwe, kuuma Ntonyiri mwanka Thucii, tweeja kwathuranûa ni acunku.”

These are the lyrics of the Song “tûkûrieni Kimîîrû by the Maua Hop Hop group, Red C, and they are largely true, very true.

Once upon a time, when the Meru left Mbwaa (look out for the story here), they arrived in a place known to them as NKUBIU, where they decided to build a settlement. It was a hilly country, very green cognisant of the fertility of the land, and water was in plenty.

Nkubiu later came to be known as MERU, and is the entire stretch of land that encompasses the two massive counties,Meru and Tharaka.

Meru consists of six sub tribes:

  • Igembe
  • Tigania
  • Imenti
  • Tharaka
  • Mwimbi
  • Chuka

These all speak one language, KIMERU, but the dialects differ from sub tribe to the other, but all inter-recognisable.

The difference is more pronounced with Tigania, Igembe and Imenti on one side, historically known as MUKUNGA; and Tharaka, Chuka and Mwimbi on another, known as MURUTU.

Did you know that? Are you a Mukunga or Murutu?

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