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Vote for us as the BEST COUNTY BLOG in KENYA in BAKE Awards 2018.

Ameru BAKE Awards


It’s been two years of us telling you stories about our people. Two years, can you believe it? Neither can we. We have been with you on this discovery journey. We actually get as surprised by stuff our ancestors were up to as you do. We have told you about our people in the past and presently. We have taken you places, well just a few places but we are still here so we will do more. We are curating, informing and asking questions on your behalf. We still want to give a voice to all our people and motivate you guys the world over.

You have been with us on this beautiful journey. Yeah, it’s beautiful, we love telling you stories and you have reciprocated by loving us back, by suggesting and contributing to stories we can bring to you. You make us take the journey to unearth interesting facts about our ancestors. Quick reminder, most of the information we post here is suggested and contributed by you, our readers. THIS IS OUR BLOG, ALL OF US! And for that we are grateful.

This is around the time my co-founder Mwenda tells me, “Kendi get to the point.”

Okay, here it is. We got nominated AGAIN for Bloggers Association of Kenya(BAKE) Blog Awards as the BEST COUNTY BLOG IN KENYA! I swear I always keep getting surprised. Now please vote for us, would you?Why you ask because you can, it is simple, it is absolutely  free, well apart from your time which we value and because we actually want to win this year. And it is not too much data it’s kidogo tu, I don’t know how many MBS but I know it’s not much.

We will share in the joy with you. So please vote for us (and other blogs in other categories if you would like) and bring this award to The Ameru!

I know we all need a little handholding so here is how to:

– Visit this page:, click on that beautiful green banner on our homepage or click on the photo on this post

– Enter your Name, Email, and Phone number

– Scroll down to 17. Best County Blog.

– Select c)

– Fill in the kasimple mathematics to prove you’re human, Click on Submit.

– Wait for an SMS from InfoAlert! Which contains a verification code.

– Input the code and Click on verify.

And that’s all! You will also receive an email to confirm the blogs you voted for.

Easy right? I know!!

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