Visit Meru: 5 Places to Discover and Explore in Meru

Meru is a hotbed (don’t we love that word?) of amazing places to visit and discover. From the flora and fauna to the people and culture, there is so much to see. Actually, so much we cannot list all places in one post – that would take a book. But hey! Let’s give it a try – we will start with 5 in on order at all and keep on adding.

1. Meru National Park


Meru National Park is one of the biggest wildlife conservancies in Kenya… and arguably one of the most beautiful, with a whooping 13 rivers  running through it, the rolling plains and mountains in the distance. Oh, and over 2,000 species of wildlife to see (animals, birds and unique trees).

Oh, and the infrastructure and hotels inside and outside Meru National Park will make it quite easy and convenient to visit.

Lyra Aoko had this raving review of Meru National Parks – and Amazing photos. 

2. Ngare Ndare Forest

Visit Ngare Ndare Meru
Ngare Ndare Forest Canopy / Pic: ATS Travel

You must have seen this on your social media – tour firms falling over themselves advertising packages to visit the amazing Ngare Ndare forest.  What makes it tick so? Well, it’s a huge, refreshing text book indigenous forest that looks like those Jehovah Witness pictures of Paradise. Complete with waterfalls, rock pools to dive in, lots of wild animals… and the only canopy walk in a forest in East Africa.

All reasons why Ngare Ndare Forest is a UNESCO Heritage site.

3. Gaketha Elephant Maternity

Gaketha Elephant Maternity
Gaketha Elephant Maternity

One time, I visited David Sheldrick’s elephant conservancy in the Tsavo… and I saw and played with so many elephants you would say I am elephant-full. But then, nothing is more surreal and mystifying about elephants than a certain spot in the Imenti Forest – the Gaketha Elephant Maternity. You know, like we have the Mara Wildebeest Migration, elephants walk thousands of Kilometers to give birth at the same spot, every year around July and December! One of the hardest things in national parks is seeing elephants giving birth, but here, ukoona nteto. Oh, and you get to visit Solomon’s caves – the armoury of the Mau Mau – and the sacred Urumandi natural footbridge on Nithi River – the holy bridge which ritually unclean people are not allowed to use (so, cleanse yourselves, brethren!)

4. A tale of 2 Trees: The King of Trees (King Muuru) and the General (Tallest Tree in Africa – Ndagani)

Visit King Muuru Meru. Tallest Tree in Africa
King Muuru Entrance. Yes, it has an entrance!  / Pic: Discover Meru County

Muuru Means Oak Tree in in Kimeru. And Oak Trees have a King who sits in the Imenti Forest in Meru – King Muuru. The tree is so large, it takes about 10 adults with outstretched arms to circle it. It has such a large tunnel  that goes through the tree trunk and a 3-metre radius doorway; over 20 adults can sit comfortably inside the tree.

And then, in Ndagani, there is the famous Mutunguruni tree which could be the tallest tree in Africa at over 100 feet tall, for you to visit. It has a cultural significance, too, and serves as the shrine for the Chuka sub-tribe. When you visit, though, mind the snakes, there are many on the tree – maybe the poor crawling animals just want to see further than God allowed them.

5. Meru Equator Tamaduni Cultural Center

Meru cultural dancers
Meru cultural dancers / Pic:

There are 2 places you need to visit to learn the Meru culture – The Ameru Blog and the Equator Tamaduni Cultural Center.  The Equator Tamaduni Cultural Center is a private museum where you will experience the Meru Culture first-hand. It’s like walking into a Meru hut in the year 1918. Lots of lessons from the wazees there and Meru traditional artifacts such as clothing, kitchenware, ornaments, weapons and all the great stuff our great grandparents used

Main Pic: Mystical Meru

Let’s treat this as part 1 of many highlights for the best places to visit in the larger Meru region. Are there places we have left out that we should feature in future posts? Drop it in comments or inbox us on Facebook

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