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Meru Lyrics: Ûrarîîre î? Cengere cema

Recently, when the Churchill Show was in Meru, MC Jasper Murume led the audience through a song that sounded like an epic rap song. Many flowed through – and you could see why in their ages, but many were left with their mouths open.

Let’s help you out. That was a very popular singing game by kids in traditional Meru – at least up to when Kimeru ceased to be a Lower Primary School subject (which we think should have continued because alot of these youngins don’t understand Kimeru writing, reading… and singing).

Here are the lyrics:

Ûrarîîre î? Cengere cema
A cema? Cema ûthî
A ûthî? Ûthî makiro
A makiro? Makiro nyenje
A nyenje? Nyenje cia irî
A irî? Irî irî nda
A nda? Nda mwene
A mwene? Mwene nkwacii
A nkwacii? Nkwacii rûgûrû
A rûgûrû? Rûgûrû nkanga
A nkanga? Nkanga mûtete
A mûtete? Mûtetera nthî
A nthî? Nthî îrî mîri
A mirî? Mîri ya mîrama
A mîrama? Mîrama kooro
A kooro? Kooro gundia
A gundia? Gundia marûri
A marûri? Marûri mpogo
A mpogo? Mpogo sia njogu
A njogu? Njogu tûûti
A tûûti? Tûûti ndathani.
A ndathani? Ndathani mûntû
A mûntû? Mûntû k’oru

Who can translate the song? Hit it up in the comments below! If you missed the song on Churchill Show, here we go:

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