Culture, The People, Ui Wiji Atia?

Tales from the book ‘UI WIJI ATIA?’

This was a book that was used in standard 3 in teaching Kimeru in school and there is a tonne of fantastic stories that we will curate for you over time. So pick a stool and sit by the fire and let us take you back in time.

As I was reviewing this book it hit me that the book was first published in London in the year  1952 by Berther Jones and J.W Firth as the authors. As I am sure they had a lot of help from our ancestors let’s enjoy the stories in it.

And we kick off with the Ameru interpretation of why hens lay white eggs.


Gitumi kia withire bwa nguku guciaraga nkara injeru nimbi? Nguku iri na antu babaingi baria batharaga nkara ciayo o riria bagaciona; bamwe ni antu,mpaka na njoka imwe. Tontu bwa antu bau,nguku yendaga guciariria nkara ciayo tukumbone,nyongune intheri na mathandukune kuria kurina muundu. Na tontu ni muundune iciaragira, no mwanka nkara ciithagirwe iri injeru nikenda yo yongwa itua gucionaga.

In very few words hens lay white eggs so that they can find them in the dark hidden corners they lay them in. Dark hidden corners away from humans, cats and snakes. Chicken was wild until we decided to domesticate them…

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