Over the next few posts, we will post a series of the story of the Ameru, and how they came to settle in the current Meru area, along with the initial leadership. Our grandparents and parents were meant to pass …

Places, The People


Gakoromone Market. When you hear about the market what do you think about? Gikomba? Toy? Ngara? Gakoromone is the Gikomba,Toy and Ngara market of Meru town. I have always been intrigued by Gakoromone. Mostly because a lot of comedians use …


Old man

“Twaari gintu kimwe, kuuma Ntonyiri mwanka Thucii, tweeja kwathuranûa ni acunku.”

These are the lyrics of the Song “tûkûrieni Kimîîrû by the Maua Hop Hop group, Red C, and they are largely true, very true.

Once upon a time, when …

Art and Music, The People


Meet Husus Mugiiri Nyagah popularly known as Surf Msanii. He is a video/music producer and an artist. His office is on 4th floor on Mutindwa plaza building in the luscious town of Meru. To get there you use some …



It’s a year to elections! Yaay or nay? Do elections excite you? Do they make you think, yaay, it’s time to change the leadership of my ward, constituency, county and country? Or do you just not care, because, after all, …



Muga muntûetû? Nteto ikari atîa?

Once upon a time, a community was held captive in a country called Mbwaa by some badass community called Nguu ntune. As Nguu ntune kings changed, the torture and humiliation meted on this community grew. …

The People


You know how you used to hear from Thuci to Ntonyiri? They still say that on radio right? That was way before Meru and Tharaka Nithi were divided into different counties. The constitution might have divided it but Meru as …



Meru is the  most beautiful place I have ever been to. And trust me, I am well traveled. Who wants to contest that? Anyone? No one? Good! We are in agreement that Meru is an immensely beautiful place.

You know, …