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Nkirote, Shiti and Michi on The Real Househelps of Kawangware

One of the most popular Kenyan TV shows for some time now is KTN’s The Real Househelps of Kawangware and one of the most prominent actors right now is the girl with the Meru accent, Nkirote. Her real name is …


African marriage

Marriage and family was the most important institution among the Ameru. Still is. Or haven’t your folks started asking you when you will get married and bear them grandchildren? And that’s another big part of it – children. Marriage was

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Let’s talk about land inheritance in Meru. By talking I mean, I have unanswered questions and opinions and I also need you to give me your opinions and share your experiences.

Let me be a darling and share my experience …

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The Kenya National Library Service was established in 1965. The Meru Branch of the KNLS was established in 1985. There are four branches in Meru so far. The country has a total of 62 public libraries; the youngest library will …


A-a-aaa! Uui!

You have probably heard Meru women laugh like that. Or you have probably laughed like that yourself. Did you think it was just a laugh? Think again.

Uui was actually a person, a guy who lived in Meru …