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Meru Music: A Chat with Lynn Kendi aka Single L

Lynn Kendi aka Single L from Meru

The music scene in Meru has been growing in leaps and bounds. Everywhere you turn nowadays is a hit from a Meru artiste. So much that the people who made their comedy careers using the old, irritating, not-so-funny “Merus can’t sing” joke are kulaing kwa macho.

Anyway, one of the shining stars has been the gospel singer Lynn Kendi, also known as Single L Star, a Mwafaka Award winner.  I had this amazing chat with her that will inspire many a rising star in Meru.

So, Lynn, I have been hearing your music for quite some time, when did you start music?

Did  we go to the same Sunday School? Because I started singing there when I was around 4 years. Haha. But seriously, I started my music career 10 years ago.

Everybody seems to start singing in Sunday School. That’s a wake up call to all parents who don’t take their children to church early.

You have been quite a success on the Meru music scene… What/who drives you? Have there been challenges?

I drive me. No one drives me to be successful… Just working smart without giving up no matter the challenges, which are several for female musicians in Meru. It has not been easy, it takes self control and all that…kwanza with all this beauty and having in mind most of the producers are men..OMG!

Male producers, huh…

Yes. Like in all industries where men and women have to work together, the pressure is high on the women… being promised an easy life if they accept the men’s advances. I always advice ladies who are not focused and know exactly what they want in showbiz to just leave it  because you would rather stay without fame other than giving in to any man for favours.

Fight for your own space, as they say, easy come, easy go.

True. Very true. What would you say has been your highest moment in this career?

My highest moment was wen I brought the Rising Star Award at Mwafaka Awards last year. I was happy to show this country that Merus can truly sing and not as it is said that that we cannot sing.

Lynn Kendi aka Single L from Meru
Single L receives the Mwafaka Awards’ Rising Star Award from Xtian Dela

Congratulations for bringing that award home! How many tracks have you made so far. Which is your favourite?

I have four music albums (wow!) My favourite song is a collaboration I did with Jackline Kotira (many of you will know her as the lady wo does the Luo part in Daddy Owen’s Salute song… The song is called Nimekuja. Though most of my fans love Marieta. (I also love it)

We always ask about mentorship. Do you have a mentor? Do you mentor any artiste in Meru, Lynn?

I wouldn’t say I have a mentor- as I said, I have fought to be here. But I wouldn’t want others to go through the challenges I have gone through if I can help. So, I have mentored many musicians in Meru…I am always supporting upcoming artists who I won’t mention because I believe in tenda wema nenda zako. They can mention me, though. 🙂 🙂


Speaking of support, how is the County Government supporting you guys? We saw you perform at Mashujaa Day celebrations in Meru.

Yes I performed in Mashujaa Day but that can’t make me judge the current county government yet. However, I believe Kiraitu Murungi is going to support our talents since he supported me a lot when he was my MP in South Imenti.

How about the local media?

Meru media needs to to better in supporting our young talents in Meru other than focusing on other artists from outside Meru too much…we have many singers with good videos but some have never been played anywhere. Ameru hatupendani na si vizuri.

We at The Ameru are supporting local talent, though. 🙂 Who Records your Music? Who Shoots your Videos?

I have been recording with Still Alive  records but I’m now working with one awesome producer called Miracle Boy. My videos are directed by Mr. Dawn Kaimenyi of Lions Production and sometimes Chalow of Charming Media.

Finally, why Single L? When you get married will it be Married L?

Single L Star is just a name…it’s not my marital status like many people think…actuality the L in it is my name Lynn.

What’s your favourite song by Single L? Here is the latest, Asante:

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