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Jasper Murume the comedian on Churchill who pushed the envelope.

Jasper Murume of Churchill

We caught up with Jasper Murume of Churchill show on Tuesday morning. His joke made the whole show go off air on Sunday throwing Kenyans into a mysterious realm. Like most people, we caught the joke on social media as it has elicited a reaction. This is what he had to say.

How did you end up in comedy?

Everyone in my family could be a comedian if they wanted to. We have a way of explaining things that leave you in stitches. Growing up I always wanted to be a comedian. While in college I met director Terrence Mwangi who had me go on KTN Crazy Comedy then a little after I went on Jameni with the same director. I moved on to Meru TV vibes with Mwenda wa Kanga and I found myself back on Churchill show with Allan Weku,Butita and Terrence again. All the directors I have worked with have always believed in me even when I seemed to not have anything to laugh about.

What do you feel about how the bicycle Joke was received?

It is unfair to say that my joke was obscene or vulgar. I only talked about the bicycle. Let’s take the joke as a piece of literature, in literature you can interpret a piece of writing however you want or take the meaning at face value. Africa is growing as an audience and we should not stifle creativity. Someone would say I pushed the envelope a little too much but someone else didn’t even see the envelope.

Here is the controversial video…

Here is what Jasper posted after the video received so much criticism

“Whenever I step on that stage I have the best intentions. To bring a smile if not laughter to your day. Nothing less. I thank God for Churchill Show. They believed in me and nurtured me from nothing to what I am becoming. I know about media law and ethics and I prepare my acts accordingly. Thank you my fans.

What challenges have you faced as a comedian?

I used to think that once you do a great show, just one, you are a celebrated comedian. Well, turns out it takes time, patience, hard work and most importantly consistency.

I think we are also limited by language. Kiswahili is an East African language only so some jokes can only reach only the audience that can understand Kiswahili.

What do you do aside from comedy?

I wouldn’t replace comedy with anything, but I am a professional events photographer and video producer. Hire me for your events and you will not regret it.

What is the most fulfilling moment for you as a comedian?

Being on stage and seeing the crowd rolling down with laughter…most fulfilling

What keeps you grounded?

My mother has always taught me to remain humble and kind. She is my hero and on this International Women’s Day I celebrate her.

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