Is there a place more beautiful than Meru?


Meru is the  most beautiful place I have ever been to. And trust me, I am well traveled. Who wants to contest that? Anyone? No one? Good! We are in agreement that Meru is an immensely beautiful place.

You know, beautiful sceneries, picturesque landscapes, a healthy in-habitation of wildlife, oh the roads snaking around the renowned hills, tea plantations and most importantly, lovely people.

Let’s take you on a trip around Meru, see the animals in Meru National park, sleep in the starry hotels, visit the Meru towns, shopping centres and the villages, grope the dense forests and plainy deserts, enjoy your veve in the dundaing Meru clubs, be amazed at the innovative people, talk to patients in our hospitals, farm in our fertile lands.

In this blog, you will know Meru. And you will help everyone place Meru on the global map, you will bring tourists to our lovely home. Yeah. You will write tales of your favourite place in Meru here.

Won’t you? Buzz

4 Comments to “Is there a place more beautiful than Meru?”

  1. Lorna

    Good afternoon,

    I like your website though I think you should advertise it more an make it more known. I enjoyed reading the facts as I am married to wonderful Meru man.

    You asked whether there are Merus you can feature…my friend there are hundreds. I have found that Merus are great leaders, prominent business men and amazing strategists.

    Feature a few of them and let the world know how proud we are of Merus.


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