Is Meru divided?


My people, let’s have a candid discussion. Meru has been known for peace. We pride ourselves in agreeing to disagree but remain peaceful while at it. This narrative seems to be changing if incidents in the recent past are anything to by. On the 12th of December 2016, Jamhuri day a holiday meant to celebrate our freedom as a people, there was violence at Meru Technical Training where the celebrations were being held because the supporters of two leaders met.

On Madaraka day, a politician was blocked at Muriri on the way to Maua with his entourage; someone was injured during this spat.  On Saturday at the posting of this article roads leading to Nkubu market were barricaded to ensure another politician doesn’t access the market.

Do you remember 2007/2008 post election violence? Meru felt like heaven. We watched many parts of the country burn to the ground people lost lives and livelihoods. Meru remained peaceful because our people know we are nothing divided. It does not matter whether you come from, Central Imenti, South Imenti or North Imenti we all need each other. We need to drop the mentality of “I am only going to benefit if a leader from my area is elected”. How many times have you met your MCA after elections? How many kilograms of meat has your MP bought your family after elections? How many times has your governor paid your rent? How many? If you answered none to any of those questions and you are thinking of raising a finger at your neighbor, I am talking to you.

You cannot trust a politician’s word unless you see actions behind them. On very rare occasions do politicians keep their words and those are the kind of leaders we would all benefit voting for. But half the time I need you all to know you cannot trust a politician. This will inform your decisions. If the people caught up in the warring factions (yes I said war because if we continue this way people are going to lose their lives) are not going to read this article I need you who will to go tell them not to lose themselves. The bible clearly states love thy neighbor as you love thyself, exercise that verse.

There is life after an electioneering period. There are people who make a living in ways that do not involve politics and they are massively inconvenienced by such violence. Those politicians show up only after five years trying to line your pockets with a few hundred coins that will quickly disappear when elections are over.  If any politician offers you money to vote for him, take the money and use your brain to vote. Read their manifesto’s, look at their track records and let that inform your decisions.

They are telling us, we are from Tigania, Imenti, Igoji, Igembe and whatever else they are feeding us. Newsflash you did not choose to be born where you were so take a seat and let them appeal to your conscious and let them beg you for your vote because they need to give you an undeniable reason as to why they deserve your vote. Let them not use you to build their careers as they do every five years. You have been told so many times that your vote is your voice. Well as cliché as that sounds it is your voice and you are allowed to speak every five years. You do not have to be loud to be heard you can silently make your opinion. Attend all the rallies if you must but don’t throw that first stone, don’t.

If you felt like this article was a rant, it was, because nothing flourishes without peace. Peace begins with your home. Meru is ours let’s remain peaceful then we can preach peace to the country and the world at large.

P.S. How many of you have seen the “Tribeless Kenyan” badge on FaceBook? What are your thoughts about it? We’ll share our thoughts on it as well.


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