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Pure Murume: The Crying Grown Meru Man

Pure Murume

Real men don’t cry, is what they say. And when it is a grown Meru man, crying is unthinkable! It is so unthinkable that when a Meru man started crying, it became entertainment, and when a Meru finds an opportunity, he takes it. Crying became a job for this Meru man!

Everybody, meet the Pure Murume, our featured artiste today. If you watch TV, ior follow the Blogosphere, you must know about the guy who was hosted on Larry Madowo’s The Trend one fine Friday, for what, crying! Well, Pure Murume did not really cry on camera, thus disappointing Larry and everyone. But he had cried backstage! Tears just disappeared at the glare of the cameras and the whole world watching. Why? He tells us he had never been at such a stage before and his body just refused. He had been crying backstage all evening! Being a creative and talented artist, Pure Murume recovered and pulled some crazy acrobatic moves and saved the evening.



Did we say crying is an art? Yes, crying is an art. Only the finest actors can cry on cue, expecially when the scene doesn’t involve any emotion. And Pure Murume is one fine actor.  I have just tried, but hey, I am a Meru man who just can’t cry unless onions are involved!

But, how did this start? It started back in Secondary School. Being a member of the Drama Club, he found he could cry easily, sometimes even fooling teachers to let him off situations. Soon, his schoolmates would surround him to see him shed tears. The more he did it, the more he became perfect.

And now, Pure Murume is famous for his tears. He has been on TV stations, he gets invited for events. You should be seeing him on your screens soon. He says:

God blesses people in many ways. Everyone has a talent deep within and all you need to do is discover and use it. I discovered my talant purely by luck but God has taken me far… and I believe I am going even further.

Make Meru proud, Murume!


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