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Betsy Kinya: Next Meru County Women’s Rep?


Betsy Kinya
Betsy Kinya is an aspirant for Meru Women Rep

This week, Betsy Kinya became one of the youngest candidates to be cleared to run for the Women Representative seat in Kenya. At 25, Betsy is ODM’s nominee for Meru County Women’s Rep. Pretty remarkable, and I spoke to her to find out what drives her, and why we should vote for her.

 Who is Betsy Kinya?

Betsy Kinya is a young, brilliant, energetic, ambitious, focused, 25year old lady determined and committed to bringing a positive change in my community, Meru County, and the entire world through empowering the youth and women.

Politics is often last in the mind for a normal 25-year old, so why are you joining politics?

I have this big passion for serving my people. There is this unfounded belief that politicians rule us which I want to dispel, so, I am joining politics to truly serve my people!

My sole interest is in empowering my fellow youth and women through Job Creation and Financial empowerment.
Secondly, its high time we worked towards the creation of a better world, for us and future generations by having servant leaders, and I am and will remain one.

Why the Women’s Rep Seat?

I chose Women’s Rep because it’s a platform given to women, to represent youths, women and the less fortunate groups in the society. It’s a seat that also gives women a platform to grow politically and vie for other more involving posts such MPs, governors, and president.

Through this post I know I have the best platform to grow politically and give the Meru people a chance to test my leadership. After serving for two terms, I am aiming at the gubernatorial post and then the presidency.

I know I will be the first Meru woman governor and the first Kenyan woman president.

You know… 🙂

Yes. Believe it, Say it and you will Own it!

Betsy Kinya Meru Women Rep

Why ODM/NASA? Meru has been predominantly voting Jubilee-ish. Do you think NASA stands a chance, or will people vote for you based on YOU and not necessarily your party?

You don’t do the same thing always and expect different results, do you? No!

Meru has always been on the side of the government Independence. But how have we benefited from being behind the government? Not at all and more precisely in the current regime. We have been sidelined, neglected, assumed and left alone. It’s time fo a change and this change can only be found by joining the opposition which happens to be the NASA coalition. Currently, at least 65% of Meru county is supporting ODM/NASA. We are all tired of empty promises and pure lies. Secondly, the evil spirit of tribalism and ethnicity has been destroyed by the blood of Jesus. Time for voting based on community/tribal background is long gone. We all, as a country need leaders who will bring positive change and growth in our lives. Currently, this is attainable only by supporting NASA flagbearer Rt. Raila Amollo Odinga. He will be the 5th president of Kenya come 9/8/2017.

I chose ODM after proper analysis of what I wanted in a party and my manifesto. ODM, is the only party whose amongst its first priorities is the empowerment of women and youths. My agenda for the Meru women and youths is properly met in ODM.

People will vote me, because of the party and my plans to take them to a better place.

Betsy Kinya receives her nomination certificate for Women Rep, Meru
Betsy Kinya receives her nomination certificate for Women Rep, Meru

Like Canaan? How do you see the political field as for women and youth?

It is not smooth…but as they say, tough roads make better drivers.
When you are driven by the passion to serve people, you will fight to get through. That’s what I am doing.

What is your manifesto? What will you do for Meru and the country if you win this?

My manifesto targets the farming woman, the employed (including self-employed) woman, employment for the youth, education of the girl child, empowerment of widows and elderly, and the status of the girl in our society. I also plan to make lives better for the less fortunate/street children and I will ensure that the boy child is not forgotten as is the case now.

Oh, I will have my offices in Meru County with offices in all constituencies and representatives from all wards for a fully participatory leadership.

To see the specific plans, here is Betsy Kinya’s Manifesto.

From me to you, what you are doing is very inspirational. What would you tell today’s aspiring female politicians?

Being a woman is not a disadvantage – politics is not for men only. Stand and fight for what you believe in. Nothing should deter your focus and determination. NOTHING.

Where do you chill out in Meru? I would love to go there and meet more women like you. 🙂

Hahaha. Meru is our playground. It is one giant chill spot that you will enjoy, no matter where you go. I have no specific place, but peace and beauty are found in the entire Meru.

Any Final words?

To my fellow youths: Gone are those days they said we are leaders of tomorrow. Our tomorrow is now, it’s today. Let’s raise up in support of fellow youths. I am humbly requesting for your support and votes in this endeavor.

Secondly, don’t allow anyone to use you to cause chaos and be the source of violence during this campaign season. Let’s be instruments of peace.

Thirdly, let’s not be blinded by money. Vote wisely.

God bless us.

You can engage Betsy Kinya more on Facebook. 


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4 Comments to “Betsy Kinya: Next Meru County Women’s Rep?”

  1. H.e.Hon .Winnie kinyuah

    Great work and am proud of the new generation of Meru’s .keep it up and may God bless you always!
    Betsy ,l wish you success and pray you win this seat! Definitely l will campaign & vote for you- you are the best girl!!

  2. AnnUnys

    Nothing is the limit for you. Your determination and zeal to serve the Ameru community says it all. You own what you say and that’s commendable. Am praying for God to answer all of your Prayers. All the BEST #BETSY!!!!


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