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BAKEAwards: You’ll make AMERU the Best County Blog in Kenya, won’t you?


When we started this blog less than a year ago, we had a goal in mind, to promote the Meru culture, arts, business, and people. We wanted to ensure that the current generation of the Ameru was in touch with their fast depreciating culture. We wanted to provide a platform for AMERUcans who are successful in their fields to motivate the rest of us, and share experiences. And, whole-heartedly, to make sue that the world knew about what Meru has to offer.

Along the way, we have developed a grand following, and our readers have always intrigued us with their love. Just so you know, most of the information we post here is suggested and contributed by you, our readers. Your feedback gets us digging for information, and for that, we are grateful, THIS IS OUR BLOG, ALL OF US!

I had started sounding like a politician right there, no? 🙂

Probably, because I am looking for votes. Votes for this wonderful blog of OURS. Reason? We have been nominated for the Bloggers Association of Kenya(BAKE) Blog Awards as the BEST COUTY BLOG IN KENYA!

You got us here, now take us there! Vote for this blog (and other blogs in other categories if you would like) and bring this award to The Ameru! You will do that for me, for us… won’t you?

BAKE Awards: How to Vote

It is simple, takes less than a minute and is Absolutely Free! Here is what you need to do:

Click to visit this page:
– Enter your Name, Email, and Phone number
– Scroll down to 17. Best County Blog.
– Select b)
– Fill in the kasimple mathematics to prove you’re human Click on Submit.
– Wait for an SMS from InfoAlert! which contains a verification code.
– Input the code and Click on verify.

And that’s all! You will also receive an email to confirm the blogs you voted for.

After that, tell your people to vote for us… tell all your friends, neighbours, strangers on the street, your social media followers, your enemies… guys, you can even use this as a pick-up line in the matatu, streets, church or party. We promise we’ll attend the wedding 🙂

You are voting for THE AMERU right now. Aren’t  you?


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