Meru Jamhuri Violent

Last night I slept with a sinking feeling in my stomach. See, I was flipping through stations and paying close attention to the three Meru Stations and I chanced upon an ugly scene – people, lots of people in a …

Art and Music

Pure Murume

Real men don’t cry, is what they say. And when it is a grown Meru man, crying is unthinkable! It is so unthinkable that when a Meru man started crying, it became entertainment, and when a Meru finds an opportunity, …

Places, The People


“Ita ugiiite risitie e Kensilver.”

For a long time, the only transportation I knew was available between Nairobi and Meru was Kensilver Express. In Maua, long before I came to the big city, I only knew of Kensilver and anyone …

Politics, The People

independence hero Mwariama
See this Rasta with Jomo Kenyatta here? That’s Field Marshal Musa Mwariama. While Kenyatta was leading the war for independence in offices, Mwariama was leading the Mau Mau in Meru. He was part of the core Mau Mau leadership, with


Over the next few posts, we will post a series of the story of the Ameru, and how they came to settle in the current Meru area, along with the initial leadership. Our grandparents and parents were meant to pass …


Old man

“Twaari gintu kimwe, kuuma Ntonyiri mwanka Thucii, tweeja kwathuranûa ni acunku.”

These are the lyrics of the Song “tûkûrieni Kimîîrû by the Maua Hop Hop group, Red C, and they are largely true, very true.

Once upon a time, when …