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Meru Music: A Chat With Aleckie Yo Buoy

Aleckie yo buoy Meru Musician

Any day you watch music on any of the Meru TV stations, you will most likely come across Alex Muthamia, a.ka. Aleckie Yo Buoy’s music. Especially his latest single, Kanyamu. He has turned out to be such a Meru household name that, when we asked our Facebook fans who they would like us to interview, they unanimously said Aleckie Yo Buoy. And what do we do here? Itisha Upewe! Here is the chat we had with him:

Yo! Aleckie, let’s start with Kanyamu. First, that’s a very nice, relatable track. But, is it a true story?

It could be, but I mostly talk about social issues in my music, including Kanyamu. Experiences people go through each day. Some are my encounters, but some aren’t.

Most of us have gone through times of lack, but as time goes, God gives them kanyamu. You can relate, I can relate.

How is it like being a musician in Meru?

It feels nice, especially now that Meru music is on the rise. I do good music, and I can feel people appreciating and those who look up to me feeling inspired. That would have been difficult just a few years ago.

Would you say that the presence of local media in Meru is contributing to this rise of Meru Musicians? Are the Meru TVs, Radios and maybe this blog helping you rise?

Yes, of course. If one does good music, our local media is  ready and has been supporting them 100% like they have supported me. I can say that the Meru media has helped me, greatly, get to where I am.

Aleckie Yo Buoy on Meru TV
Aleckie Yo Buoy on Meru TV

So, you didn’t start your art too long ago…

I officially put my first track PIGA SALA on YouTube on 2015. Nilianza kuroga back in St Mary’s Loreto Isiolo Primary School, Then Thura Secondary in Meru and Kenyatta University.

I used to be the star of music festivals in school na nikiwa mdogo pia Sunday school (chuckles)

So I guess naeza sema I started a long time ago. Or, is that long enough? 🙂

At least there was radio when you recorded your music, ask kina KamaNu how it was before… Do you face any challenges?

The fans are great, the media gives us platforms, but somehow our promoters wanatufail kiasi. I mean why procure services za an artist from Nairobi or Tanzania while we have our own artists here doing so well? Sometimes there’s no Meru artiste even in the curtain-raising list!

We wonder that sometimes, too, but hey, let’s wait and see if they’ll start supporting our Meru art. Speaking of support, did you create your own path, or did someone hold your hand through the journey of being a top  musician? Who is your mentor? Do you mentor anyone?

Part kuubwa ya journey nimestruggle solo. Though siezi sahau kushukuru TEAM ALECKIE wamenishikilia sana. Shout out to my personal producer ADI MPZY. Na pia DJs and PRESENTERS wenye hucheza mziki ya YO BUOY daily.

I look up to God. And for now bado sijaanza kumentor any upcoming Musician. I don’t feel as if I’m there yet, but in due course, by God’s will, I will.

Your beats are dope, man. And the videos. Who does those for you?

I have a personal producer anaitwa ADI MPZY. As for videos mi huchoose randomly, but I don’t compromise on quality.

I have worked with 3SS films on MUNGU NI MUNGU.

I have also worked with ESQ FILMS on KANYAMU video.

Final words…

Thank you, Team Aleckie! You have held me and everything I do, I do it for you!

The Ameru wishes Aleckie Yo Buoy all the best in his music career.

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