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Queen Alba

The initial plan was to just have lunch at Alba Hotel . So we took a cab from Meru town to Alba Hotel. She sits like a queen among commoners. Located just after Meru CBD and before Makutano in a serene piece of land. Before lunch we thought it would be a good idea to see what the fuss was all about. Yes people talk about Alba Hotel like they would a beautiful woman. It was a few minutes before lunch so we mentioned we would love to walk around and see this Queen in all her glory. We were given someone to take us around. Everyone at Alba Hotel caters to their guests needs and we were not an exception. The reception alone is a home away from home. You walk in from the hot sun and it feels like the reception knew how rough the weather is and was prepared to comfort you.

If you love décor Alba Hotel is the place to go and steal ideas. As you walk around on the corridors there are these art pieces that speak to your heart. They seem to be sitting there having conversations like wise old men. The corridors have these motion sensitive lights. They come on as you walk past the wise old men. It’s like that bible quote, “I will be the light on your path”. I was giddy walk every time a light came on. Then you walk into the rooms. They are AMAZING, yes I am shouting. The beds are draped in white bed covers and then dressed with orange and brown runners at the foot that matches with the pillow cases. The toilet shape feels like a blessing. I looked at it and I knew I had to use it, it just draws you in like a comforter.

One of the old wise men
One of the old wise men

One side of the hotel overlooks the Nyambene hills. You sleep in the serenity of nature and when you wake up in the morning you peek outside your window and the beauty of nature brightens up your day. The other side overlooks their beautiful swimming pool. That is freely accessible to all the guests who are staying at the hotel. If you love exercise Alba Hotel is where you want to gym at. It’s also free to the guests. All these facilities are open to the public at a fraction of a cost per month.

Home away from home
Home away from home

Alba Family

They are family friendly. On Sundays they have a family day and they have a trampoline, nice pool and nice food. What more would you ask for as a parent? Honey in a clay pot?

There is a guest lounge that feels majestic just as you walk in. It’s tucked inside the hotel. This one you have to go visit Alba to see. What better day to visit than on a Wednesday night. It’s cocktails night on Wednesday and it’s the only way you will be able to experience the magic of the guest lounge. Cocktails remind you of letting loose right? Look no further than their bar. It’s stocked with your best wines, aged scotches and favorite beers. The prices are amazingly affordable. I mean from Ksh 200 bob affordable for a good beer.

If you have been looking for a coffee shop, fast WIFI and a serene place to work from, look no further. Alba is not crowded and comes with the homely feels that you would punch in two hours without your knowledge. Here at the Ameru we aren’t easily impressed, but Hotel Alba left a sweet taste. If you want the experience without feeling ripped off try Hotel Alba and you will live with this feeling. If you love the tranquil spirit that emanates from Meru you will enjoy being at Alba Hotel. Don’t forget to take pictures so that you can travel back in time to relive it. Also Ask what the name stands for, you will be fascinated.

About how our lunch went, that’s for us here at the Ameru to savor. It’s our memory.


Ameru Rating: 7/10

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