A Culture so Rich


Muga muntûetû? Nteto ikari atîa?

Once upon a time, a community was held captive in a country called Mbwaa by some badass community called Nguu ntune. As Nguu ntune kings changed, the torture and humiliation meted on this community grew. They wanted to leave and find a new home. This was not to be easy, and it took the wit of a young, wise man called Koomenjoe to sit with the elders and devise a plan.

Do you know how this story goes? Well, stick around and know everything you need to know about the Meru culture.

This part of the blog will be modulated by a 80 something year old mzee called M’Lithara. If you know any other elderly AmeruCan that we can talk to about the Ameru, kindly tell us and we will seek them out.

We will cover our foods, our defined relationship with different community members, circumcision, the Njuri Ncheke… you will know your clan and age group (most of us don’t), the gods we worshipped, the taboos.

We will teach ourselves different types of events, the songs we sang, our dances, dating and mating… and whatever made the Meru culture tick.

And then, together, we will try to restore our culture to where it should be! We wouldn’t want all this awesomeness to die, would we?

If you are well versed with the Meru culture, we would love for you to write here! Hit us up on

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  1. Love this blog! I would love to know more about our culture. If you could do a post on wedding rituals and what it entails including outfits that would be great!


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