Meru TV Stations: A Review of Baite TV, Meru TV and Weru TV


Meru TV stations

Meru is on the up in so so many ways. Our tourism is soaring, more and more talent is being discovered and used and the Meru political scene is getting charged (as if it’s a good thing). All this can be attributed to the advent of the digital revolution that has given us several radio stations and more remarkably, TV stations. Who would have thought we would ever hear Kimeru spoken on TV? Previously, they were not even covering Meru politics and to see, say, Maua town on TV, the president would have to visit.

And now we have three TV stations!

Granted, it’s just the start of the digital movement and we can only get better, but how are we doing now? Since TV content is done for us, viewers, let’s review the three TV stations, Baite TV, Meru TV and Weru TV.

Baite TV

Baite TV Meru Tv Stations
Baite TV. Source: Facebook

We will start with the pioneer of Meru TV stations. Baite TV did a very good of setting the stage for the movement in Meru. It gave the Meru the belief that we too, can do what other people do. Wildly popular when it started, you would find every Meru countrywide getting in touch with his roots watching Baite TV. 

But they lost the plot at some point. Or rather, we started seeing better and they stopped improving. Bad graphics( what’s with those huge captions and logos), poor content and same old faces. Murega Baichu was always the Baite mainstay and he used to handle everything. Before Kawira Mwangaza came along and Baite TV became about her, almost a 100%. She is the preacher, the only politician being covered, philanthropist, presenter, musician. Everything.

I have nothing against Murega and Kawira, but if they don’t add more faces and content, the pioneer of Meru TV will be forgotten. I have started seeing a lot of complaints from people on Social Media about them…

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Rating: 3/10 ★☆☆☆☆

Meru TV

Meru TV
Meru TV screen capture. Source: Facebook

Right after Baite TV went up, a new, fresher player turned up. More content, a fresher, pink outlook, more comprehensive news, lots of music (especially when they were testing)… and most remarkably, movies. I would spend a lot of time watching those blockbuster movies of theirs.

They have since grown, with Veejay mixes, more movies and even live talk shows. Particularly now that elections are approaching, you will find Meru styled political analysts talking about the State of the Ameru counties, along with several guests. They have a better variety in terms of shows and content.

Design-wise, they have smaller captions that Baite TV, their logo is smaller and the entire outlay is pink (we would all love to know the story behind the choice of colour!).

Rating: 6/10 ★★★☆☆

Weru TV

Weru TV Meru TV stations
A screen capture of Weru TV. Source: YouTube

The newcomer in the Meru Television space is taking over the Ameru waves. From the moment Weru TV was launched, you could tell there was this freshness about it that had many social media users nodding in approval. We are told that the founders are experienced experts from various established media houses and you can tell, Weru TV has that aura of organisation, professionalism and a well-done research.

The content is diverse and creative. There are several faces on the station and they enjoy the synergy that comes with many ideas from many people. I have been finding myself watching Weru TV news rather than nationwide TV news because you can feel objectivity and the “fence-sidedness” that we expect from the media. They have reporters out in the field who get the stories as they are and when they hold talk shows they get quality experts. The content goes across the spectrum: political, social, medical, cultural, etc.  And that’s why they seem to have captured the imagination of advertisers because they have several ads running. Still, on content, they have a very active blog: Weru TV blog.

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The design can stand up to any other TV station in the country. The colour scheme is maroonish that doesn’t shout and the graphic layout is impeccable.

I hope they don’t burn out with time and lose the momentum that they have come with.

Rating: 8/10 ★★★★☆

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  1. Weru TV is taking over the air waves. As u have said, am in Nairobi and i don’t bother watching any other TV station, but Weru TV

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