You have heard of Mwonyo, right?  It sounds like some very exotic name; well it is not Mwonyo is what fancy people call sparkling water and learned fellows refer to as carbonated water or alkaline water and drunk people … Read the rest


Meru National Park Lyra Aoko
Meru | Photo:

We keep bragging that Meru is one of the most beautiful places in Kenya. We may be biased because, well, it is home… but we have reasons to believe that we are actually correct. Everyone who … Read the rest


Queen Alba

The initial plan was to just have lunch at Alba Hotel . So we took a cab from Meru town to Alba Hotel. She sits like a queen among commoners. Located just after Meru CBD and before Makutano … Read the rest

Places, The People


Gakoromone Market. When you hear about the market what do you think about? Gikomba? Toy? Ngara? Gakoromone is the Gikomba,Toy and Ngara market of Meru town. I have always been intrigued by Gakoromone. Mostly because a lot of comedians use … Read the rest