The People

Kithaka wa Mberia

You probably know Kithaka wa Mberia. Yes, that Kithaka wa Mberia of Kifo Kisimani. Did you know he is a son of Meru?

Prof Kithaka wa Mberia was born in Tharaka in 1955. He attended primary school in TharakaRead the rest



We have no graveyards in Meru

I cannot begin to describe death to you. Not because I don’t want to, it’s because there is nothing about death to describe, there is a darkness that surrounds it and something always … Read the rest

Guinness Fanzone King Kaka

The Meru love a few things, and they love them with passion. Beloved miraa, alcohol (we were once rated EABL’s top customer base, football… and music (forget what they used to say about us and music).

This Saturday, 17th … Read the rest