meru african child naming

Child Naming was traditionally a very serious affair among the Ameru. Why? One, the Ameru believed that the child’s name was a determinant of what the child really was. Secondly, it was sacrifice to God and the ancestors.


When …


Riddles are part of our lives or at least they were. They are simple puzzles that have a involve two people one as the proposer and the other as a respondent. They are based on the local environment. I don’t …


Muga Meru greetings handshake

Everywhere you go and non-Meru people learn you are Meru, they will greet you with “Muga Vaite Murume”. First, always remind them to remove the V, it’s Baite, because the Meru dictionary doesn’t have V.

Then, refer them to this …

The People

Kithaka wa Mberia

You probably know Kithaka wa Mberia. Yes, that Kithaka wa Mberia of Kifo Kisimani. Did you know he is a son of Meru?

Prof Kithaka wa Mberia was born in Tharaka in 1955. He attended primary school in Tharaka