Exploring Meru Lyra Aoko Media-8
Meru | Photo:

We keep bragging that Meru is one of the most beautiful places in Kenya. We may be biased because, well, it is home… but we have reasons to believe that we are actually correct. Everyone who … Read the rest

Ameru Festival

After electrifying Meru last year, The Ameru Festival is back! That’s right, last year’s Easter form is turning into a welcome annual event where the whole country troops to Meru for a massive party. The performance list is very impressive … Read the rest

Culture, The People

African Elder probably leading prayers to God
A long time ago, before Christianity and other religions took root in Meru following civilization, the Merus believed in God and the Supernatural. They believed in only one God, still do, to whom they offer prayers and sacrifices both … Read the rest